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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6a  FOX  February 23, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] we have a bad situation in bucks county right the now. the here's a live look in tulleytown, pennsylvania bucks county where we are following a barricade situation, businesses, schools, evacuated, people are told not to leave their homes. where they live right now. we've got a guy on top of a gun shop and police have surround that had gun shop. of course, schools are not in session, yet the but there are a couple of schools that will not be opening until they get this resolved. >> take it ease think morning. yesterday's snow melted mixed with last night's freezing temperatures could cause problems for your morning commute. problem area that are out there right now. and then this... >> oh, my god they wanted me
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to talk with the worst eveningish speaking guy here. maybe next year, the government will inflict some immigration rules to the the a academy. >> goodness gracious, big bird there, big winner, the director of bird man having some fun on stage after winning the award for best director. after actor sean penn introduced him made an immigration joke. we are taking a look at all of the highlight from last night's award show. good day everybody. the it is monday, february 23rd, 2015. from clearwater to dirty water, i have already stepped in slush myself is. welcome back from florida. we will talk all bit. i bet it was fun a lot of fun. >> pictures looked fun with your short sleeves on. >> and now i'm back here. it is fun. i'm cooling off. >> you missed a big saturday. that was a nasty storm. >> it really was. we got anywhere from four to 6 inches of snow in most areas. yesterday's 40's was not enough to melt it all.
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>> but melting now is causing problems because water ace all over the place. >> we will end up with a backward day to day because temperatures will fall throughout the day instead of rise even with the sunshine colder air moving n we will give you a five out of ten and there is bus stop buddy, he is ready for school with a warm coat on, and now temperatures are in the 30's, but it the will be getting colder, wind are out of the northwest at 15 miles an hour. that makes 34 feel like 24 and your sunrise time is 6:43 this morning. temperature are below freezing to the north of us and, above freezing to the south of us, like wilmington 33. 34 degrees in wildwood. we're also watching this area which just developed in the last half an hour or so of snow moving into lancaster, from lancaster county in to chester county and a little bit of montgomery county as well. we will quickly zoom into show you in places like sadsbury, lancaster, west caln charleston, in chester county
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and you might than seeing a quick coating of snow with this snow burst. few flurries possible with the cold front coming through which will cause temperatures to plunge throughout the rest of the day. we're in the 20's by lunchtime and 19 by the evening prime time and wind chills in the teens as well. is there your planner for monday, from the weather authority. plan on getting colder, bob kelly, all day long. >> we loved yesterday the sunshine felt great and melted a lot of that snow but as that water, freestanding water didn't dry up or make it to the drain by the time sun went down it isized over this morning. here's a live look at examples at route 100 in chester county. the intersection you can see difference in color in the road surface. fit the looks wet most likely, it is ice and, of course, that is same area we are starting to see that light snow rolling through. lot the at tire tracks here through this intersection up in bucks county. so some slippery, dangerous conditions ahead of us here as we stepped out of the front door. here's our top story in levittown the levittown
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parkway is block right at route 13, right there by that shopping plaza that hold wal-mart, home depot, dunkin' donuts. i know jenny joyce is coming up to give us a live update but local detours in effect in levittown. there is an accident on the philly side of the tacony palmyra bridge. all of the bridges had speed restrictionness play and tacony pal will my use that metal grate, which a allowed the bridge to open up with the freezing temperatures was a concern overnight and certainly a concern during our morning rush hour and an accident along the the white horse pike in south jersey right at evesham avenue. also in montgomery avenue blocked at matsonford road a down tree so traffic this morning using old gulf road. northeast extension southbound a crash just south of quakertown and then just watch it, far left or right travel lanes, especially in the work zones, where that snow was plowed, some of that snow melted, that water ran off and that far right or left lane
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could have a little patch of ice for morning rush hour, back over to you. lets get back to bucks county. we have breaking news. police in tulleytown tell us there was a burglary at a gunshot that led to a barricade situation. >> it is happening right now, jenny is on the case, hi jenny? >> reporter: hi, guys. we did just get word that two school districts that is pennsbury school district and saint michael the arc angel two hour delay. taking a live look at the scene we are kept back at 300-yard away from mike's gunshot. that is where all of the activity is taking place according to a police source this stems from a burglary that happened around 2:00 o'clock, this morning. the excuse me for that. 2:00 o'clock this morning. then it the became a barricade situation. we are hearing that the emergency response team is over the scene taking a live look from chopper now. you can have a better view then we have from where we are being held. negotiators are apparently
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trying to communicate with a man, whom they did believe did burglarize the gun shop earlier this morning. he is on the roof right now. apparently they have been having difficulty. there wasn't very good lighting obviously it is dark early this morning so there hasn't been much communication being made with that person. we do know that a shelter in place order remains in effect for the the entire boro of tulleytown namely lake side stony brook, kenwood and throughout the the general area and again, we have schools on two hour delays. that is pennsbury school district and saint michael the the arc angel. so again this is all still active. we are being told that people are being asked to stay away from the area the levittown parkway is shut down between spur lane and route 13. we are waiting for the the chief to come out here. we were told he would be out here a half an hour ago and then fire police told us he is tied up in the middle of the action right now so he cannot come and talk to us. we are waiting for those updates, mike and alex.
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>> hang in there, we will check back with you. 6:06 on this monday morning. a 13 year-old wilmington is hospitalized after a shooting. police responded to south lovedell street to find the teen shot in his legs. the the unidentified victim is hospitalized, at du pont children's hospital, in stable condition, and the search is underway for a suspect. three fire fighter in chester county are on the mend after being hurt during a house fire. >> it happened in charleston township, last night. crew where is called out to a home on highland hill home. a fireplace fire spark the blaze. three fire fighters have injuries including minor burns and a ankle injury. crews say the the fire was tough to put out. >> fire had a major head start on fire fighters tonight and it is just simply through the roof before we could ever even catch up to it and get her out. >> the the fire has been ruled an accident. how about this terrorist tarring malls in canada the
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the uk and here in the united states. the big mall that they are after here. and men in tokyo are making a rather odd fashion choice why they are hitting the streets in mini skirts.
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we have a story for you in new jersey. fox we are trying to help a new jersey businessman locate his stolen equipment. >> how about this. >> so jim dougherty, say thieves stole a trailer worth $24,000 worth of landscaping from his east camden avenue home last thursday. now the the person was caught on surveillance camera. >> silver, like suv, i'm not sure what it was but it had a trailer attached to it and it just peeled out, went down, down this road over here.
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>> after that story aired we received a call from an unidentified man claiming he unknowingly purchased the content of that trailer from two men and he wants to return it. an arrangement for the return is now being work out. >> well, good. 6:11. >> terrorist are eyeing up their next target why they are telling home grown terrorist to go after malls. >> okay, bobo. >> good morning everybody. we will take a live look at within of the traffic cameras there, watch out for ice but we are checking airport no delays at the moment at philly international. we will update that close another in tulleytown bucks
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so, watching an area on radar, just in the past say 45 minutes or so it seems to have developed into a little snow burst, snow showers in lancaster county and part of the chester county. we will zoom in closer and show you areas that will be affect by this in stroudsburg, lancaster, west caln, honey brook area north coventry probably seeing snow flakes around this morning. some of this bright white indicates that there may be enough to put a quick coating on the ground. keep that in mind talking about refreeze to go day and possibility of black ice w4.8 inches of snow in philadelphia on saturday our seasonal snowfall total is 14.9 inches. last season was 58.4 inches at this time. so we're still way behind where we were. it has been more about the cold temperature this winter then it was last.
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that was all about the snow which ended up being 68 inches for the season. the as that cold air moves in we are starting to see temperatures go down to the north and west of us, areas where we were talking about some snowfall. 27 degrees in lancaster and reading, and 34 here in the city but only 12 up in mount pocono and it is above freezing to the south and east of us. so those colder temperatures will be moving in from northwest to south east wind chills are now in the teens to the north and west of us and we low zero up in the mountains. it is a 24-degree wind chill in philadelphia you still need your winter coat but just not as bad as it was on friday when we came close to the record low. wind chills continue in the pocono mountains until tomorrow morning, as we look at the past seven days we have had ups and downs and yesterday, we got into the 40's that 47 degrees came around midnight and that will end up being probably the high temperature, windy and colder today, with temperatures in the the 20's and 27 is the
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high tomorrow, and not as harsh on wednesday with the high in the upper 30's and we are back to arctic air on thursday and friday. it looks like we will be milder, up to around freezing on saturday and as we get in the 40's gannon sunday we will have a chance of some rain. so is there your seven day forecast. we have to wait another week to get back in the 40's bob kelly. >> wow exactly. we all loved that sunshine yesterday but as it melted some of that snow that we received on saturday leaving us with a lot of icy conditions this morning. your neighborhoods, secondary roads, side streets, on and off ramps. if it looks wet orized over. headlights coming into town we are seeing beginning of the morning rush hour. here's an example of what we are talking about in the neighborhood. do you see the difference in the the road color racial there. if it looks wet that is that fine glaze of ice a a lot of the intersections is where we are seeing that example and later on as kid step outside to the bus corner street corner waiting for the bus they have to walk over that hump of snow to get on to the
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bus. it could be slippery this morning. the lets go to the major roadways southbound i-95 not bad out of bucks county but on and off ramps where we will see speed restrictions for the the most part this morning. first stop light or traffic light that you come to. nasty accident here at intersection of the white horse pike and evesham avenue. again, an accident at a intersection that could have some ice to blame there at the the crash and then on 295 north a disabled tractor trailer at black horse pike. septa says they are operating on a regular weekday schedule, in delays yet but platforms and parking lots could be slippery. boarding trains and buses be careful there. we had early morning speed restrictions on area bridges. watch for tacony palmyra and burlington bristol. the two spans that open. if you use the the tacony pennsylvania palmyra bridge, the stretch that goes up in the air, the the metal freezing overnight.
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updating our break news here that police standoff here at levittown shopping plaza we have home depot wal-mart all centered around that gun shop there but levittown parkway closed just off of route 13. so get in and out of this area mill creek parkway is the the best bet this morning. mike and alex, back to you. this is a national story now at 6:18. security on high alert this morning, at malls across america, following terrorist threats. the move is in response to a video posted on line by somalia militant group with links to al qaeda in the video a masked narrater urgees muslims to attack shopping malls in western countries. the pennsylvania mall of america is in minnesota and it is specifically singled out. the department of home land security says that there is in credible evidence suggesting attack at malls in america, however, the head of the dhs says that americans need to be a aware of their surroundings.
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>> i'm sure that security at this particular mall will be enhanced, in ways visible and not visible, and it also involved public vigilance and awareness. if you see something say something has to be more than a slogan. >> mall of america in minute so the ace busiest shopping center in the world. it attracts more than 40 million people each year. coming is working to avoid a shut down of the home land security department, the department will run out of money at midnight this friday, unless an agreement is reached on a new spending bill. the stalemate centers around president obama's executive action on immigration, home land security secretary you just saw there jay johnson says halting funding would jeopardize u.s. efforts to stop a domestic terror attack. the first trip as secretary of defense amid talks that u.s. is considering to slow the the planned with crawl. he told soldiers their work as
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advisor to the afghan military has been critical in security gains made during 13 years have the georgia. president obama could announce his decision on a military draw down as soon as next month when the president of afghanistan visits the white house. there are about 10,000 u.s. troops that are still in the country. britain's prime minister is urging the nation's schools to be vigilant in the fight against terrorism. after the kiss appearance of three teens, believed to have left the the country to join isis. the girls are 15 and 16 years old, and they took a flight to turkey, and it is believed they plan to go to syria. police say that there are a growing concerns of terrorist attracting girls and young women, for their cause. >> fifteen and 16, my goodness. >> so young. >> wow. >> 6:21. men in turkey are taking a stand begins violence begins women. >> now they are doing it, by wearing mini skirts. how about this shot. >> they are taking, part of the huge protest, in is stan bull. reaction to the rape and murder of the 20 year-old female student earlier this movement police arrested a bus driver for the crimes. the outpouring of support is
6:21 am
now taking over the country, and on the streets, and on line, many men are tweeting pictures of themselves in skirts as a sign of respect for the victim. in a support for women. >> good for them. >> that is good. >> all right. oscars took a moment to honor hollywood stars that we lost last year but there was one big name that was missing. who wasn't features in this years in memorial that people are saying maybe should have been in there. >> um-hmm. but how about this our fly guys still have a chance to make this city proud. could they make the playoffs this year. we have something to root for in this city when it comes to sports. highlights from their game begins the capitols next in sports.
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good morning i'm sean bell. flyers still have a chance to be the only professional philadelphia team to go to the playoffs this year. four-point back of the the bruins, last night, they tried to move up with a win over the washington capitols. third period tied at two all michael dellzotto with the game winner.
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the the flyers win, three-two. boston bruins also won last night so the the flyers remain four points back in the playoff standings. late in the game there is still a chance. but no, sixers don't really have a chance. former sixer nick vucevic with the throw down. he had 31 points and 14 board. sixers lose 103-98. their third straight loss. joey logano wins the super bowl of the sport daytona 500. he led 37 laps on his way to his first daytona a 500 victory. that is sports in a minute i'm sean bell. >> 6:26. oh, man i'm so proud of these people students danced the weekend away at penn state once again for their annual thon fundraiser. you will be stunned about how much money they made. but first jennifer joyce is following breaking news out of bucks county. we are talking about a
6:26 am
barricade situation. jenny, what is the very latest. >> reporter: will alexian active barricade situation in tulleytown bucks county along tulleytown parkway. taking a live look at the what we can see we are kept off in the distance right now. we will have a live report on the latest includin discover brookside
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here's a live look at tulleytown, pennsylvania where
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we are following a barricade situation. still a very active scene here. businesses are evacuated people are told not leave their homes. saint michael the arc angel school and pennsbury school district have a two hour delay because of this barricade situation in tulleytown and we are there, with more information bringing you updates live on the scene. >> our other big story of the day is the roads and sidewalks. yesterday's high temperatures melted some of the snow we saw over the weekend but last night's cold temperatures caused most of these surface toes freeze backup. man, people are slipping and sliding in the cars. and on their feet. >> ♪ >> boy that gaga has a great voice. >> being called one of the best performances of the oscars last night. the lady gaga doing sound of music for film's 50th anniversary. we will look at the moment that had everyone talking.
6:30 am
we have to get out to the breaking news. >> it is a barricade situation in bucks county where a man is on the roof of the gun shop. >> apparently it started out as a burglary at the the gun shop. now that we have more light. what are you seeing jenny. >> reporter: yeah, well unfortunate thely we cannot see much, they have us back behind the wal-mart 300-yard from all of the activity but as you mentioned mike police sources told us this did start at a burglar a the mike's gun shop. where, suspect is on the roof. we were told emergency response teams were out here with the perimeter established and according to police the burglary occurred around 2:00 this morning. that led to a barricade situation involving at least one person, possibly more. so this has been going on for more than four hours, and, there is an active shelter in place order, for the boro of tulleytown. both people are told to say to avoid the area tulleytown pike is shut down between
6:31 am
stir lane and route 13. school delays are also coming in. so far we know, that pennsbury school district and saint michael the arc angel are on a two hour delay. even from our chopper view it wasn't delay because it is still dark. darkness was hampering their investigation that forced them to, trying to communicate, with the person on the roof via the the pa system. that person was not responding. and it has been difficult to see. now that the sunnies coming up hopefully that will help police. we were waiting to talk to the chief, he is heavily involved in this active investigation. presumably he cannot make his way over here right now because it is ongoing, and active. shelter in place order remains in effect for the boro of tulleytown. pennsbury school district on a two hour delay, as well as saint michael the arc angel, alex and mike. >> that sct there. i mean in the immediate area. >> reporter: right there. >> jenny, thank you. 6:32.
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>> lets get a check at the the weather, sue. >> hi sue. >> we are seeing a few snow flurries out to the west of us if that area holds together we may be seeing it in the city as well. bus stop buddy is ready for a morning that is getting colder, and with the sun coming up, it will in the get warm tore day it is a backward kind of a day. we will give you five out of ten in weather by the numbers. we're at 34 degrees. we are above freezing but factor in the wind which are starting to pick up and it feels like 24, 6:43 is your sunrise time. it is starting to get light out. temperatures have now dropped to the 20's north and west of the city, and they are still above freezing to the the south and east of us. this is the area we're talking b cold front coming through. it the is letting colder air come in. it looks like, the last hour or so, we have developed some snow showers all over lancaster county through half of chester county and now spilling into, montgomery county, you might be seeing some snow showers in pottstown and charlestown, chester county, and west goshen, as
6:33 am
well. so keep that in mind as you are out to the west of us this morning. a few flurries icy spots and then sunshine through the the rest of the afternoon but gusty breezes and temperatures falling throughout the day. so we probably already had our high temperature which is 37 at around midnight tonight. that is your weather authority forecast. seven day is coming up. bob kelly, what is going on. >> we loved all that sunshine yesterday but it did do a number of the snow they received on saturday and anything that was left at around 6:00 o'clock when that sun went down last night it has potential for being laying there, for us this morning in the form of ice. in reports on the major roadways, so that is good news as we will look live at the route 422 but it is on and off ramps, neighborhood side streets, sidewalk, or maybe that front step. maybe even the street corner where kid are waiting for the bus they have to walk across that hump of snow that isized over in order to get to the school bus. the here's an example of route
6:34 am
100 where sue mentioned we have report of snow flurries coming through the area. the southbound lanes of i-95 as you roll south of center city we had a report of the huge pothole near broad street that left a couple of vehicles, with a couple have flat tires right in front of the stadium area. an accident and this one sound serious in magnolia, new jersey. an emergency vehicle responding here, a crash at the intersection of white horse pike and evesham avenue. 295 northbound watch for a disabled right on the ramps to the black horse pike. septa says all of the platforms in the parking lots could be slippery, the bridges slower than normal as well and here's the latest from bucks county levittown parkway, closed right at route 13, this is where jenny joyce was just reporting live, and to give you an idea that intersection is where saint michael the the the arc angel parish sits at 113 and levittown parkway. so to get in and out of the bucks county and to stay away from this act i have police scene, use mill creek parkway
6:35 am
at least for the next couple of hours or at least until we will get all clear from jenny and police department there in tulleytown bucks county. mike and alex back over to you. 6:35. more breaking news this morning. an ambulance responding to a car crash also ended up in an emergency. the accident scene was in magnolia new jersey at south white hall pike and evesham avenue. camden county fire tells thaws several people were taken to the hospital connected to this accident. they were brought here. victim was from the original crash were also a part of the e ms crew. >> can you imagine. they used a jaws of life. bad wreck. they had to take the top of car off. >> they are trying to rush to the the get to the scene and then another accident. local transportation officials are reminding drivers to take it ease think morning as freezing temperatures could lead to potentially dangerous road conditions. >> steve has been slipping and sliding. he is near the tacony palmyra bridge, hi steve. >> reporter: mike, we have been on the air for two and a half hours and you retweeted
6:36 am
my tweets. everything we have warned people at the 4:00 has occurred and in of it good. by the the way i talk to the cop down there bob kelly, it is in more than two cars. it was several broken down this were hitting a mega pothole on i-95 before anybody knew what was going on why were cars lined up, the wheels were breaking on building. that is how bad the potholes are hitting them at five 560 miles an hour. i hit one at ten and my elbows are still rattling around. here's one right here. we had falling yesterday. one day of normal temperatures. the that is what it is supposed to be this time of the year. we will get road expanding and potholes creating every where. it is like we landed the moon and driving through craters every where. that is not enough? look at this even though it is sunny, this is all ice and we are on the main road here and it looks like a puddle. here's what bobbies talking about. sheet of ice on route 73. where ever we have three lanes, right lane and left lane is the run off snow is plug to the right, snowplows
6:37 am
in the median and we have run off that melted refroze overnight and it will not melt anytime today, because as you heard sue say the temperatures will only go down. drive in the middle lane and again, you cannot swerve around potholes you cannot see until after you hit them but two hand on the wheel for everything today. it is terrible out here. we have advice from a guy at penndot last night. >> the motorist should, you know, take their time in the morning. isis a great neutralizer it doesn't matter what kind of a vehicle will you have. isis dangerous. watch your speed. increase your following distance and be very patient out there. >> we will see potholes popping up because of the freeze/thaw cycles that we are seeing but we will have crews out to address those and hopefully temperatures will warm up or a hot mix to patch those up. >> we also told people that the speed limit was reduced almost in half on the tacony palmyra bridge. despite that we have an accident on the tacony palmyra
6:38 am
bridge this morning. probably somebody going over 25 miles an hour. good thing now that we have this traffic build up you cannot go much faster. there is a reason to tell you to reduce that speed when driving and that is why. we have had a fatal accident on a black ice bridge, on 147 known as north wildwood boulevard, down in middletown ship over the the weekend. a seven car chain reaction pile a guy got out of the first cars involved and then got hit by one of the cars that crashed in his reek will later and killed him. here again alex and mike here's what bob kelly was talking about. kids that get to school that are not as tall as me. thinks good for stretching hamstring if you are an adult, not the so good as a kid trying to get over and through bus stop. bus stop budd i will neat hiking boots and mount everette climbing gear good it is hard to get to the sidewalk to the street because of the mounds. >> steve you are pretty limber. >> very much so. >> you ever see his ham is
6:39 am
they are something. >> the largest student fundraiser in the world as you know takes place in pennsylvania. the happened over the weekend. >> we're talking about penn state's thon. the it is a 46 hour weekend long event to raise money for pediatric cancer research. idea toys allow sick killed ren and their parents take center stage and let students show them it is possible to do good while having a good time. >> the idea is that we have just a little bit of the feeling that these kid go through day in and day out. it is nothing compared to what kid are going through with chemotherapy and radiation but, standing 46 hours straight is tough and i will tell you right now i'm feeling it. >> for those families affect by pediatric cancer and through four die mopped not only have they been supported in multiple ways but the families never see a bill. >> that is something. >> wow. >> great event. >> so this year, they raised more than 13 million-dollar. >> that is remarkable. >> yes. >> wow. >> in the more than four
6:40 am
decade, thon has brought in over 120 million-dollar, so help fight pediatric cancer. >> i love that. >> thirteen million-dollar can you imagine when they first started this they had no idea they would make this kind of money. whole country necessary about this fundraiser. it is biggest night of the year. >> now fcc requires to us say hollywood's biggest night but that phrase makes my skip crawl. >> i will say it again then it was the biggest night of the year. the is it crawling. >> so discuss tipping. >> we will take a look at the best moments from the oscars but not all glitz and glamour who was left out of the last night's in memorial segment that some people are not so happy about. >> hoping for another day in the 40's. we've got colder temperatures coming. we will tell you how long they will stay around.
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alex went to spring training in clearwater, florida. 80-degree temperature. how are you feeling about this today, it is cold again. >> i always love coming back to philly. the that is why i'm back so soon. we had to be here. >> we have video evidence the to the contrary. here it is. thinks video i found of alex leaving. >> i don't wanting to. >> it is not cool at all. it is not cool but don't worry, we have the windows down. we can feel this warm weather. >> yes warmth.
6:44 am
>> i don't wanting to. >> you don't wanting to. >> you didn't want to come back. >> there was that. i was in a trans, because to be honest i forgot what it felt like to go warm. >> i are not the only one. we're all in that ruth of coldness and now even with yesterday's 45 degrees that is really not the what you would call warm but compared to where we have been, yeah, we will take it. so here comes a cold front that is coming through a weak cold front, we were not expecting any snow flurries witt but we're getting snow showers. most of them in lancaster and chester counties and then maybe into a little bit of montgomery county here and maybe even berks. november coventry, west caln, straussberg, west goshen, you are probably getting snow flurries or snow showers. maybe enough to give you a quick coating. but not as much as saturday. official snowfall total in philadelphia was 4.8 inches. this season so far brings to
6:45 am
us 14.8, a far cry from where we were last year at this time. 58.4 inches, on our way of course to 68 inches for the season. so we're still above freezing in philadelphia right now but look at what is on the way, compared 34 degrees here to 12 in pitberg right now. thirteen cincinnati. two below is what the the current actual temperature is in detroit. that cold air is right now in the process of moving into our area. so you'll see it is really cold to the north of us. twelve in mount pocono. twenty's in the north and west of us. temperatures still above freezing to the south and east of us as those colder temperatures move n we're 4b low for a wind chill in mount pocono. wind chills in the 20's every where else. wind chill advisory goes through to tomorrow morning, for carbon and monroe count business those dangerous wind chills possible, and then as we look at the past seven days and temperatures in the teens during the day, at least we don't have daytime temperatures in the teens, coming up, but we do have
6:46 am
temps in the 20's today and tomorrow. not as harsh on wednesday with a high of 37 but back to the arctic air on thursday and friday temperatures could moderate and back in the 40's by sunday with a chance of rain. split is your seven day forecast. snow flurries around out to the west of us this morning, bob kelly, are you seeing anything yet. >> out near downingtown, chester county and morgan town interchange of the turnpike we're kind of scattered hit and miss there. that is something we will have to look out for this morning. the here's an example of the on and off ramps. notice how the the ramp is banked here to what would be your left? any of the run off that occurred yesterday actually ran across the travel lane to get to the drain that is on the opposite side. right there. to you see that right there? that is that fine coating of ice, where the water from all a of the sun yesterday slid across the roadway. that is an example of the the on and off ramp where we say look out for slippery conditions. gang coming from downingtown you may catch a snow flake or so as you work your way along
6:47 am
the bypass head ago long king of prussia steve showed us the neighborhoods are an example of that snow mound. here's a perfect example torresdale avenue in northeast philadelphia, the the kid will to have walk to the corner and then jump over the mound of snow or ice right here as they try to walk eat's cross the street to school, or board the school buses. so even the adults to have deal with the same situation not only for septa buses but also, for the parking lots and the platforms for all of the mass transit systems. east on the schuylkill expressway as we go for a fly, starting to see delays here in bound past our conshohocken curve, typical for this hour. we will show you video of the accident that involved an ambulance and a vehicle in magnolia, new jersey at white horse pike and evesham avenue. septa says just watch it platforms and parking lots could all be slippery but so far mass transit is running with no delays. mike and alex, back over to you. >> bob kelly you probably didn't watch the academy award. >> no, i was sleeping just
6:48 am
like everybody else. >> as mike should have been. >> i only caught the beginning of it. >> let me tell you a little bit bit. bird man won the best picture of the the year it took home many oscars snag ago ward for best director, best picture. the movie's director fridays in mexico. he could not help but follow-up sean penn's joke about who gave this dude a green card when he announced the winner. >> oh, my god they want me to talk, one of the worst english speaking guy here. maybe next year the government will inflict some immigration rules to the a academy. >> because sean penn who gave him the a award and this director, they have known each other for years, they have worked on a movie called 21 grand back in the the day. >> here's what people are talking about right now. when it came to the in memorial segment was the late joan rivers snubbed at the oscars. >> well, many felt like she should have been included in the in memorial tribute and in
6:49 am
poor taste not to have her in there. >> you know, so as a tribute, it went on entertainers who died over the last year rolled on and it became clear joan rivers did not make the cut. diehard fans felt she should have been included since she made a living critiquing fashion at event such as the the oscars. others say she was left off because while she was a comedian, the not an actress in movies. >> she was not a member of the film community. >> while joan rivers popularized the question or who are you wearing, right? who are you wearing? some ladies are pushing back at that using hash tag ask her more. ask her more was trending on twitter during the oscar red carpet. campaign was never to point out to say actresses more than just their dresses. many showed support with their tweets, but some or twitter pointed out irony of reporters asking about the campaign but then going on to talk about fashion anyway, and then did
6:50 am
that quite a bit. >> thing is isn't that the pint of the red carpet. when you walk up and wearing these designers. right. >> isn't that how it goes at the red are carpet. >> and don't they have enough attention, is what more boring talking about their dress or what we have been up to already. >> look at you. >> i feel some people e news they are men for talking about fashion. that is their thing. of course tell talk about fashion because that is what they cover. i was watching some of the red carpet interviews. whenever they asked they gave short answers. tell me about this latest character you have in your new show. i can't talk about it. it is always i can't talk bit. i'm wearing this and this and you see bead abe they have a lot to say about that. they are just trying to fill time. >> yeah, please. >> oh, god. >> everybody is just so wound up. >> just let loose. >> ask about me ask about who i am and not just about my dress. >> that is what interviews are b red carpet interviews are quick and to the point and then you have in depth
6:51 am
interviews, sit down ones and specials and things like that. >> you cannot win. >> last week we heard lady gaga belting out a stevey wonder tune, remember that tribute to stevey. last night she blew everybody a away there was a tribute to the sound of music, that is 50 years old. so good aga took the place of julie andrews. >> ♪ >> boy, you forget just how great her voice is because she's so flashy and all that. but the best was when julie andrews walk out, my goodness does she look good. >> i went to bed but so many people when i woke up tweeted me about this performance saying she was amazing standing ovation.
6:52 am
>> i believe the set at the oscars the whole stage it was amazing. >> beautiful. >> they would switch it up. >> just beautiful. >> i believe they should get an oscar for the way they get up the stage. >> oscar for the oscars. how about the rest they call them the razzie award, they were handed out as well. we will tell how they are this year. >> the worst of the worst. >> yes.
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
the ceremony takes place the the same weekend a as oscars. it is the the anti oscars. >> cameron diaz is normally in there. >> worst actress for her roles in the the other woman and sex tape. overall actress nominated in three categories. >> yes. >> and, kirk cameron to the four razzies including worst picture and screen play. >> i don't remember that movie. >> i don't know. >> that is part of the reason it got a razzie. >> we continue to follow this developing story out of tulleytown, bucks county, we have a dangerous situation, a barricade situation has people stuck in their homes, we will take you their life. and then later i got to spend the week men clearwater, florida for spring training, yeah, they have put me to work down this in florida. we will talk about their season. >> did you try out for the the team what is going on there.
6:56 am
>> you got to second base.
6:57 am
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we have a bad situation in bucks county. businesses are also closed and schools are going to open up late. they're on a two hour delay a at least. they won't aloud to go to that
6:59 am
saint michael arc angel will thing until will this school is resolved. lets take it slow this morning have the we had a lot of sun yesterday. a lot of things were melting. last night's frigid temperatures caused road to refreeze overnight. we will tell but trouble spots around the area before you head out the door and then this. >> right here. >> neil patrick harris in his tighty whitees. everybody is talking about that one. >> you have to be brave to walk out on that stage just like this and stand there and bear it all like that. >> black socks on. >> he has boxer briefs on. >> he is trying to match frame for frame the bird man scene where michael keaton is going through central park and times square in his underwear. good move. >> i need to see bird man. >> it was good. >> we saw it, and thought it was great.
7:00 am
>> straight up at 7:00. we have to get you up to tulleytown. was that levittown. >> levittown. >> tulleytown ship. >> tulleytown is within levittown, levittown bucks county tulleytown. right at that intersection of route 13 and levittown parkway. >> yeah. >> you have that shopping plaza a there which has the home depot, wal-mart the dunkin' donuts and it is in that gunshot. >> and school. >> there are schools there. >> yes. but first a quick look at the


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